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Why are modern basic phones worse than their 2010 counterparts?

Since the 3g flip phones will soon be unusable, I just reviewed the current selection of VZ basic phones that work on the 4g network. This selection consists of two Kyoceras and the LG Exalt XLT. The reviews on these phones indicate some severe problems with some very basic features. The Kyoceras have terrible battery life and the LG Exalt XLT has problems with texting (including slow text speed and buggy T9), alarm clock unreliability, and coverage issues when outside of the 4G network (not all of us live in big cities). These are what I would consider essential features of my basic phone (calling, texting, alarm clock, battery life).

It seems like VZ basic phones continue to get worse and worse. My 2010 LG Accolade vx5600 was by far my favorite flip phone. I used several of these phones over the years and each one of them had fast text speed, clear call quality, consistent service, an incredible battery life, and an alarm clock that went off every time I asked it to! A descendant of that phone, the LG Revere 2 (released in 2013), had slow text speed and buggy T9. Now these new 4g models have a whole suite of problems.

How is it that, as we move forward in time, these simple, basic features are becoming increasingly poor in their performance?

Verizon, this is enough to make me (and others that I know) switch carriers. There are better basic phones being offered by other carriers. As a long-time Verizon customer, I have appreciated the service I've had with Verizon thus far and would like to stay. PLEASE make a basic phone that does basic things well that we can continue to use in the future!

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Re: Why are modern basic phones worse than their 2010 counterparts?

which carrier have better basic phones? Verizon doesn't make phones. Phone manufactures do and they make phones for those other carriers. Basic phones are not as in demand as they were in 2010 and phone manufactures are not going to put a ton of money into making a device with little profit margin.