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Phone reboots automatically when call comes in

Hello, I have a LG Cosmos and on March 30th, 2013, I received an automatic s/w update pushed to my phone from Verizon.  Since then, when I have my blue tooth ear piece connected to my phone (Planetronics Legend) and I get an incoming call, the phone rings once and then automatically reboots, thereby dropping all my incoming calls.  This does not happen when I have my Planetronics headset off.  And, this only started happening since March 30th, 2013 after the s/w update.  I have had this phone and head set for more than 4 months.   My guess is that the new s/w update screwed up my bluetooth software so that it cannot interact well with the Planetronics.  Please note that I am able to make calls just fine.  It is when I receive incoming calls with bluetooth earpiece connected.  Any ideas? 

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Re: Phone reboots automatically when call comes in

You took the words out of my mouth. I am experiencing the exact same issue. Same phone but purchased in late June 2013. Same Bluetooth head set. I took it into the Verizon store in Wilsonville Oregon and the customer service agent was able to trouble shoot the problem. Zack discovered that when the person calling you is in your LG Cosmos contact list the phone reboots. He called from his cell and with Planetronics Legend connected it answered the call.  Added his number to my contacts and tried the call again... Bingo! LG Cosmos rebooted. Removed the number from contacts and no problem. Verizons solution is they are going to send me a replacement phone.  Not to sure that will fix the problem because I believe it is a software issue. But for now the unresonable fix would be to delete all your contacts.  Or what I do is turn off the Plantronics Legend bluetooth and after a call is answered turn it on. So now we know the problem just need a good fix.  Thanks to Zack at the Verzion store in Wilsonville OR.