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Why is my battery draining on my note 4 since the software update?

Since the newest softwareupdate my battery needs charged 3 tI'm through out the day. When I got to my battery settings the android system is at 40%!

Re: Why is my battery draining on my note 4 since the software update?
Customer Support

DAVMIL76, we have the same phone and I can understand the need to have good battery life. We are here to provide troubleshooting assistance. It’s possible that the battery drain is due to a faulty software update. This just means that the software did not download completely. The first step in troubleshooting would be to have you run a systems health check on your phone. Follow this link for instructions on how run a system health check:

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Re: Why is my battery draining on my note 4 since the software update?

I had the same issue. I think somehow the update killed my battery. And how convenient that Verizon doesn't even SELL the Note 4 batteries anymore! That's right...Big Red doesn't sell the batteries for the products they sell...but they'll be MORE than happy to sell you a new device! However, I found a brand new battery on Wal mart. com for under twe lve bu ck s, genuine Samsung with NFC (AVOID e-b a y or Am az on for batteries, they sell batteries that have been turned in for recycling and if you ARE lucky enough to get a brand new battery, it won't have the NFC coil on it and will cost the same as wal mart. com product, which also ships from within the US and I had it in a few days, not weeks). Replacing the battery, for me, solved the problem. Too bad we can't use or update the device while plugged in WITHOUT the battery...I truly believe the software updates purposely kill the battery so you're forced to buy a new device (I'll keep my non-exploding Note 4 thanks), just like how they eventually stop offering the latest operating systems, so you'll buy a new device...the Note 4, STILL one of the best mobile devices on the PLANET, is NOT getting Android 7.0 (Nougat). Shame we're treated this way, but unfortunately, there are no laws protecting consumers against forced-obsolescence!