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PC app pops up mysterious message

For the past few days I keep getting a pop-up window on my PC stating "Software download complete." It provides two buttons: "Install Now" and "Install Later."  I had no idea what this was about and was hesitant to click on the Install Now button.  I was afraid it might be malware.  No way could I find out what software it wanted to install.  So I kept clicking on the Install Later button.  Of course the pop-up kept returning.  I asked my co-workers if anyone had seen this before and luckily one of my co-workers informed me that this was an update for the Verizon Samsung app.  I'd really like to let Verizon know that this app needs to be modified to clearly state what software it wants to install.  In this day and age of viruses and malware it is very poor practice to install unknown software and whoever wrote this program should have realized that people would be hesitant to click on the Install Now button with no idea of what is going to be installed.  C'mon Verizon, you and Samsung can do better than this.  Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.

Re: PC app pops up mysterious message
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My first question would be "Did you happen to connect your Samsung device via USB or wireless"?

If you did then that is probably the update.

Now when you see a download to your PC you can go to your download file and right click the file and select properties and it should alert you to what the file name is. Many times the file name will have something like SAM33456_01.exe if you copy and paste the name and Google it you will more than likely find out what the file is and from who.

Good Luck

Re: PC app pops up mysterious message

I am so %#!@ annoyed, I had the same thing happen today, have spent time w/ HP technical support, Hyjackthis, it's Verizons software updater.....HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE, it looks like malware.  There's no indication of who, not red, no label, JUST NO FREAKING CHOICE BUT TO INSTALL NOW OR LATER....NO WAY TO INQUIRE WHAT IT IS BEFORE CHOOSING TO INSTALL.  The designer of the software should be shot on site.  A lot of people are wasting a LOT time....

Re: PC app pops up mysterious message

This is a known issue ... at least for Verizon customers.  Verizon seems unwilling to respond.  Other threads on this topic include:

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Suggestion: VZW Software Update looks like virus, VZ really should fix that


Hope you have better luck getting a response ...