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Droid Turbo missing calls, delivering texts late, not capturing call history, not updating e-mails

My wife got the Droid Turbo Ballistic Nylon just before Christmas as a replacement for her iPhone. She has been complaining that she is not getting calls, e-mails, text messages, voice mail messages. Last night, my son called her twice from California and there was no answer. Checking her phone there is no voice mail from him and her call history shows no attempts. I re-booted the phone and she suddenly got a flood of e-mails, call history, texts messages. She uses this for business and this is negatively impacting her buisness.

This morning I did a test. I forwarded an e-mail from her phone to me and then I replied to that e-mail, which is set up as IMAP on all devices. I could see my reply on her PC but nothing her phone minutes later. This test is being done in my home with all devices on the same Wi-Fi network. I re-booted the phone into Safe Mode and the e-mail came through. I don't know if it was just the additional length of time or putting it into Safe Mode. Based on the number of issues with multiple applications (she also says she is losing contact information) I am beginning to think that this is a hardware or OS problem. Anybody have any ideas?

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Re: Droid Turbo missing calls, delivering texts late, not capturing call history, not updating e-mails

I know that IMAP is sometimes set to auto-sync only every 15 min or more, according to default or user set amount of time.  When you rebooted, the phone auto-synced with the email server.  As far as missed calls and those not showing in logs, I'm not sure.  I can say this though, I was missing calls and voicemails and came to find out that the Advanced Calling HD Voice VoLTE updates had negatively impacted my phone's service.  I have since disabled and service is better.  Perhaps the Turbo also has HD calling enabled and is experiencing similar issues because of that.