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DROID RAZR M Battery issues

I just upgraded to smartphone from a basic, 16 days ago, important to note as Verizon return policy is 14 days. My battery life is about 6 hours with no emails, no aps that I know of, 1 quick call from the Verizon rep to verify my phone, 2 outgoing and 1 incoming basic text messages. The rep tells me 6 hours is good but I would not know this as just switched from basic. I do not believe this. I have read all these posts and I have closed everything that I can and still the phone is almost dead at 3:30 in the afternoon. My smartphone is a glorified basic phone right now. What am I missing?

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Re: DROID RAZR M Battery issues

I have the Droid Razr M and I'm having issues with my phone the 1 issue is the phone gets completley and utterly hot and then the battery is not fufilling the 20 hour battery life and I really need some assistance as to what  can be done I'm still under Warrenty cause I just got the phone not that long ago. Please I need some assistance as what  I can do.


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Re: DROID RAZR M Battery issues

Something is definitely wrong.  I used a Razr M for several months (still have it as a family backup) and 6 hours battery life is not normal.  I live in a poor but usable signal area and am in WiFi most of the day.  I leave WiFi and Blutooth on and still got a full day out of a Razr M charge.  Are you in a no signal area for all or most of the 6 hours that the battery drains?  What happens if you run the phone in Safe Mode for a day?  Clear cache?  Factory reset?  Are your sure you are getting a full charge?  Since you are at day 16 did this just start or has it been this way since day one?

Re: DROID RAZR M Battery issues
Customer Support

Hi brianm126,

My sincere apologies for the issues relating to your device. Having a device that is able to hold a charge is definitely important. Unfortunately the expected battery life can change with usage and applications that may be running on the device and cause the time needed until charge to drastically decrease. Can you confirm how long your device lasts on a full charge before it is completely decharged? The best option to address the warmth issues would be to have the device evaluated by visiting your local VZW Store. This way we will be able to validate if this would fall under warranty of be normal operating expectations, thanks!

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Re: DROID RAZR M Battery issues

We have both with my wife got the same issue with our Razr:

For no apparent reason the phone got very hot, and before long the entire battery was drained to mere few percent. It happens at random. In my case I thought it was a running Google-maps application. Just a hunch.

Last time we saw the issue on my wife's phone, I used the battery usage tool to see if any app would pop-up as the culprit. In her case it was the "wi-fi", but there it is: On that day we were traveling, and she was not using the phone at all. The "roaming data plan" was disabled, no connections we attempted by her, she does not use any remote wi-fi anyways. This entire indication is suspect to me, why the phone passive in a purse would attempting to establish a wi-fi connection?

The truth is that the "smart phones" operate on a complex software, and a bundle of app's at the cost of simplicity and reliability.

I did mentioned: We miss our old phones. We do not trust Droid. What good is the "smart phone" without power? We need a reliable standby more, in which the phone acts only like that: a phone call listener! A phone is just that: a tool providing a mean of contact and a safety factor. Unless the battery is at 0%...