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turn off call waiting distinctive ring

I have been extremely frustrated with this certain situation for over a year and no matter who I talked to at Verizon or how many times I asked to speak to someone higher up I have not been able to resolve this. I want to turn off, "Call Waiting Distinctive Ring", NOT call waiting in general, just the distinctive ring piece. This is when you're on the phone, someone else calls you, and THEY hear a beep in between rings telling them you're on the phone. After about a dozen tries either calling or going into the store and a good deal of wasted time and frustration, I have got no where. Please help me get this resolved because it is literally affecting my daily life and most importantly my career. No other companies have this and I am honestly thinking about switching companies even though I have had you as my carrier for over 10 years and have a VIP on my account. Please disable this I am just asking for something simple. I do not want to put a ringback tone, especially one have to pay for, because I am a medical provider and patients call my cell phone and will be extremely unprofessional. Thank you for your time. Please forward this to the top of the corporate chain so it will be resolved.

Again, I appreciate the help and am looking forward to a successful solution.

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Re: turn off call waiting distinctive ring
Customer Support

Hi Ver3869!

Oh my! My apologies, per it sounds like you have been working on this issue for some time now. I can certainly understand the importance of removing this feature for work purposes; however, our Customer Service Team was correct. We are not able to remove the distinctive ringtone feature from the account. You can purchase ringback tones, which would resolve this issue for you. I understand that this is not an option that you would like to consider, but it would give a successful solution. I hope this helps.


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Re: turn off call waiting distinctive ring

That is such an unacceptable response/answer. Does Verizon think that it is OK for professionals to have a "ring back tone"?! There is no logical reason for someone calling in to need to know whether or not the person is on another call.