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switch an Iphone 4S

I have a S4 and wanted to switch to a iphone 4S because my S4 have a big crack on the screen and it been freezing due to the upgrade of Lollipop. I went into Verizon to make the switch but the rep said that he couldn't get it to work. The used iphone 4S is a Verizon phone. He said that ITunes won't let him register or something like that. Many people said it should be a simple switch, as long as is a Verizon phone. So what are some possible causes that the phone did not work?


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Re: switch an Iphone 4S
Customer Support

Hello Ykayla!

I can understand your concern with the difficulty you have had activating the phone. If the other user had not removed Find My iPhone, and erased their Apple ID, then the phone may not be able to be activated. Also, if it was reported as a lost or stolen device in our system, we would not be able to activate it either.

I would recommend contacting the original owner, to ensure the device has never been reported lost or stolen, and request that he remove his device from Find My iPhone as well.

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Re: switch an Iphone 4S

What do I do if my data plan while on vacation in Australia is not correct?  I  have received msgs from verizon each day that I've exceeded usage every day over the past 5 days and  being charged $25 each day.  I'm up to about $125 now.


Re: switch an Iphone 4S

$25 indicates you are going over your 100 MB allotment per day.  The charges are likely real.  Turn off data use completely or at least the apps you don't absolutely need.