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remotely accessing vm and texts

My iPhone 4s has sustained water damage and has limited functionality.  The bottom part of the touchpad (home key end) and middle of screen does not work and I cannot access the bottom apps: phone, email, safari and text.  I can't upgrade till August.  Does anyone know of a fix or if voicemail and texts can be retrieved on the web?  Mainly texts since I can check vm on my Tracfone.  Thanks for any help!! 🙂

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Re: remotely accessing vm and texts
Customer Support

Hey there Paxworld. I am sorry to hear that your iPhone 4s has taken a swim. I have a set of butter fingers and I have dropped plenty of phones so I absolutely know how dissapointing that can be.

Do you know if you have insurance on the device? We can replace the device through our insurance partner, Asurion.  You can reach them directly at 888-881-2622. Once you pay the deductible, they'll send you out a replacement.

If you don't have insurance, we can also activate an older phone of yours so you have a functional phone until you are upgrade eligible in August. We also have a great Certified Pre Owned program, where you can replace your phone at less than the full retail price and it doesn't extend your contract. So you can still get the latest and greatest device come August. Visit for more information on our Certified Pre Owned device prgram.

At this time paxworld, water damage is pretty hard to reverse. Voicemails can be retrieved remotely. All you have to do is call your own number and once you hear your voice mail greeting go ahead and hit the pound sign. It will then ask you for your password. It will then bring you into your voicemail so you can listen to your messages. You can also set up call forwarding to have your calls forwarded to your Tracfone or another phone. Visit for steps on how to set up call forwarding.

There is not a way to check text messages from another device. Texts will only go through to the device itself.

Let me know if you need additional assistance.

VZW Support
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Re: remotely accessing vm and texts

thanks! That worked.

Now I would like to remotely turn on call forwarding so I wont miss calls.  Can I do that?