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iPhone 7 battery drain problem

Christmas 2016 we bought 2 iPhone 7 phones.

The battery usually lasted 2-3 days before actually needing charged.

11 days ago we did the update on one phone but not the other.

8 days ago both phones had major battery drain, needing charged with less than 1 days use.

6 days ago the battery drain lessened, but still was not allowing 2 days use as before.

Went to the local verizon store where we bought the phone and they said it is an apple issue and we had to go the closest apple store, an hour away (that is a whole other unacceptable apple issue for another time) and get a “discounted battery” for each phone.

Is that correct? There is no way it is a coincidence that at the exact same time both phones had major battery drainage without some sort of manipulation.  Knowing all the iPhone battery issues I feel this should be replaced free.  What recourse, remedy do I have?

Is it really an apple issue or is it verizon?

At age 58 the 2 most reliable, convenient, fairly priced things were the tv and the phone.  Now they are the most stressful, unreliable, overpriced things in my life.”

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Re: iPhone 7 battery drain problem
Customer Support

CJAA, we truly understand the importance of making sure you have a reliable battery for your devices. Please allow us the opportunity to guide you in the right path for your replacement options. Apple has created a program where you will be able to receive a replacement battery for your devices at a reduced cost. Your time is valuable and we understand the importance of making sure this matter gets resolved for you. If you are unable to make it to an Apple store you will have the option to mail the device in for repair. Please follow this link  for more details on how to set up an appointment or for steps to send your device in.


You can read more about Apples statement about iPhone Batteries and Performance here




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Re: iPhone 7 battery drain problem

Updates don't always play well with apps and drained batteries is just one symptom. IF the battery was defective, it would be replaced free within the warranty period (one year) BY APPLE. You are past a year, so if you need a new battery, you'll have to pay the $29. You pay for a new battery for your vehicles, don't you, if they are out of warranty?

That said, you may simply need to do a hard restart. Press and hold both the sleep/wake button and the volume down button until you see the white apple symbol......about 10 seconds. Then release. That is not the same as just turning your phone off and on again.

If that doesn't fix it, you may have to perform a factory reset and then a restore from a backup.

Your best place to find support for Apple products is, surprisingly enough, the Apple community forums. Give them a try.

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