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iPhone 5 unhappiness!

I purchased an iPhone 5 on New Years day.

Since that time, many of my contacts have completely vanished from the phone.

Some calls are going directly to voicemail without the phone ever ringing.

I have not changed any settings, the ringer is on, not set for do not disturb, and I have ios 6.1.3

Lately, also getting dropped calls, which has never been a problem before.

Also when I create notes, some of them disappear and I have no idea why some are saved and some are not.

I paid full retail for this phone as an upgrade from the iPhone 4, and I'm not real happy.

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Re: iPhone 5 unhappiness!
Customer Support

Hey there njlocoman,

The iPhone 5 is a great device, but I am sorry to hear that you are having so many issues with it.  I have the same phone and I don't have similar issues and I am confident that we can resolve yours.

Did your contacts vanish after preforming a specific function?  Have you backed them up to Backup Assistant or iTunes?  If so, we can restore your contacts to your phone.  We could also restore your notes if you have those backed up to iTunes.

I'd also like to take a closer look at the area where your experiencing calls going straight to voicemail.  What zip code are you having this issue in?

One thing I would like you to try is a soft reset,

Also, please try powering the device off and removing your sim card. Give it about thirty seconds and reinsert the sim card and power the phone back on.  Once the phone comes back on, please test the connectivity and let us know if it improves.

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Re: iPhone 5 unhappiness!

Go to settings, do not disturb and turn it off. Seems like it happened with the 7.0 upgrade

Re: iPhone 5 unhappiness!

Except that post was from April which was before 7.0. And OP says their on iOS 6. And OP said DND is already off. Smiley Happy