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iPhone 4S will not turn off

Last week I noticed that my iPhone suddenly started losing battery rather quickly--it would only last about 3 hours on a full charge. In addition, the speakers stopped working--they would not play any music or video content, even though the ringer continues to work. To reset the phone, I tried to turn it off. The spinning wheel that appears while the phone shuts down was very dim but the phone eventually shut off. About two seconds after the phone turned off, the Apple logo appeared and it turned itself back on. No matter how many times I tried to turn it off, it continued to turn itself back on.

Eventually, I let the phone run the battery all the way down. After remaining at 1% for about 5 minutes, the phone shut itself off. Once I plugged it back in and charged it, the problem continued to occur.

Thinking that this was a problem with iOS 6, I upgraded to iOS 7, hoping that would fix the problem. After the upgrade, the same problem continued to occur.

I then tried to restore the phone using a backup stored on my computer. When I did that, the phone completely stopped working. It refused to activate and would not get a carrier signal--no phone, no text messaging, just WiFi.

At a loss, I then did a factory restore. After completing that, the phone finally got a carrier signal again and, in addition, the speakers began functioning again. The spinning wheel that appears when the phone turns off is full brightness now, but the phone still will not stay off and the battery still drains very quickly. Using System Activity Monitor to examine the phone is unhelpful. When fully charged it says that the phone should have 10 hours of battery life remaining, but within an hour that number has dropped to 6 hours, and within another hour or two, the battery is completely drained. CPU Core usage generally hovers in the mid to high single digits. Mail is set to fetch manually and no applications are running.

Is there a way to fix this, or is it just Apple's built-in way of requiring an upgrade every 18 months?

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Re: iPhone 4S will not turn off

Did you have the battery changed recently?