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Verizon lacks concern for Safety?

I have a Note 7, yes the one that catches Fire. I have called Verizon and pre ordered an Apple S7 Plus. Verizon saw fit to charge me all of their customary fees as I was not going with the Note again. My delivery date is 10/12/16. Clearly Verizon showed NO  concern for my safety. My question, what would happen if I went to the Apple Store? Would they be helpful in my situation? I have been diehard Samsung fan, having Note phones since they came out.

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Re: Verizon lacks concern for Safety?

Well, what were they supposed to do?  They aren't the manufacturer of the Samsung Note - Samsung is.  Samsung is recalling them and not carrier, which is Samsung's responsibiilty.  The replacement not being in stock is again Samsung's fault and not the carrier.  Why should  you expect Verizon to suffer any loss for a Samsung faulty device (see any repeating company name here yet)?

Basically, it would be nice if they did something, but it would be at a loss to them that Samsung would not reimburse them for.  You might have been able to do something if  you had of changed to a different Samsung phone - but again that would have still been unlikely as that's not the way the Note 7 recall is being handled.

Your gripe is with Samsung.

As an aside - that's why I always keep 1 or 2 spare older phones around that I can fall back on if I have to ship my primary in.

Re: Verizon lacks concern for Safety?

You are supposed to return the Note 7 immediately.   Samsung is willing to replace the phone with a loaner till they can replace the Note, or allow you to change phones. 

But Samsung can provide an iPhone as a warranty replacement for their phone.