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Question about Waiting In Line for the iPhone 5


This will be my first time waiting in line for an iPhone, and I just have a few questions. I know that iPhone pre-orders are now backed up 2-3 weeks, and I definitely will not be waiting that long. I am planning on camping out at my local Verizon store for it (located in Brentwood, CA) and I don't know when a good time to get there is. I want to get a black 32GB iPhone 5, and I'm thinking about getting there at 4 in the morning. The Verizon store that I'm going to always has people in it, but is never too busy. Do you think that 4am is a good time to start waiting in line or should I get there earlier? I called the local Verizon store and they said that the employees had been shifted around so no one had worked there for any of the previous iPhones (point is they couldn't help me). Hopefully I get a response here, thanks to anyone that answers!

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Re: Question about Waiting In Line for the iPhone 5

most people pre-order so they dont have to.. you can do a drive by at 2am see if anyone is there, most places didnt even see more than 10-15 people for the original iphone launch

Re: Question about Waiting In Line for the iPhone 5

You may get lucky and everyone pre-ordered. I pre-ordered my iphone4 but went into the store on launch day anyway to get my daughter one and there wasn't a single person in the store getting one when I got there which was around 10:30 that morning and they said they had plenty of phones. So that may end up being the case this time too that they have plenty and the lines won't be too long.


Re: Question about Waiting In Line for the iPhone 5

My thought process exactly. Do an early drive-by of my local store here in Pittsburgh and see if there's anyone camping out. Pretty sure my chances of getting one this Friday are good.