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Need Urgent Help With Getting Intl Service from Bangkok

Before I arrived in Bangkok, I spoke with Verizon CS from the US because I needed Intl Service on my Iphone 4. My boyfriend has an Iphone 5 and was able to add a calling plan in 5 minutes of calling Verizon CS. I then called Verizon CS, and was told that my Iphone 4 cannot be used in Thailand. I told the CS Rep that my boyfriend just added the service on his Iphone 5, and did the same on a trip to Thailand last year with an Iphone 4. She told me that with an Iphone 5 he also cannot use the service in Thailand without a Sim Card or Global Phone? I then put him on the phone with her, and they spoke for ten minutes about this before my plane departed.

I have been in Bangkok since 04MAR14 trying to reach Verizon by web, Instant Chat, phone, and even called Verizon 611 from my boyfriend's handset. he call Failed! He then gave me this number to call Verizon Global Support: 908-559-4899. I have called this number numerous times from the hotel. The recording does not recognize when I "Press 1" or "Press 2", and proceeded to hang up on me several times. Is there no human at Verizon that help me????? I have spent approx 3 hours now trying to contact Verizon since 04MAR14. I am supposed to be enjoying my vacation here. Can someone please address these questions immediately?

1. Am I currently being charged to use WIFI in Thailand?

2. I transited Tokyo on 03MAR, and tried to call Verizon Support from my Handset, which Failed. Am I being charged for that?

3. What message do my contacts receive when they text me in the US?

4. Can I activate message response to contacts in the US now telling them that I am out of the country until the evening of 11MAR14?

Please help me, I am extremely frustrated, as I desparately want Phone service here in Thailand, and I am transiting back to Tokyo on 10MAR14, arriving there at 245pm, and I will need Phone service there as well.



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Re: Need Urgent Help With Getting Intl Service from Bangkok
Customer Support

I'm so sorry you haven't been able to get any service while traveling NancyStuckInThaiWithNoService, as well as for not being able to get a hold of anyone to assist you. I'm happy to answer your questions here. As you mentioned, the iPhone 4 is not a Global phone. Therefore, you can only use on a CDMA network, (not GSM). Thailand is GSM/Global, Japan/Tokyo is CDMA; therefore, you can use phone there. (It could be settings were not set correctly to use in Tokyo.

1. If you're using WiFi, there is no charge. Its best to turn Mobile Data off in Settings to avoid any International charges.

2. Japan/Tokyo calls are $1.99/minute. However, if trying to reach Global Support, you will not be charged.

3. Your contacts don't receive any notification when they text you. They may get some alert days later, that the message was not received by you/ or it has been timed out, but it won't say why.

4. If you're able to use another phone, and call your mobile number, you can press # when you hear your voice mail greeting, enter password, then # again, to change personal greeting. You're able to update greeting with notification that you're traveling.

** When back in Tokyo, you can go to Settings & make sure Airplane Mode is OFF. Also, you can go to General, (from Settings),> Network> Cellular Data- ON> Data Roaming- ON.***

Here are rates while in Japan/Tokyo

Lastly, it may be easier to reach us on Facebook at Verizon Wireless, or on Twitter at @VZWSupport

Thank you,

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