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Loading Iphone 4s backup on to Iphone 5

If you already have a 4s I assume most people would backup their 4s in Itunes and then when activating the Iphone 5 they would restore from the backup so apps, contacts, etc are loaded. If the 4s is still running IOS 5 when the backup occurs will the Iphone 5 be updated with IOS 5 or will it keep IOS 6.  I assume it keeps IOS 6 but just wanted to make sure I didn't need to upgrade my 4s to IOS 6 prior to backing it up one last time.

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Re: Loading Iphone 4s backup on to Iphone 5

nah you dont need to. all the backup really does it put back on pictures contacts and some other stuff, then you can sync your apps and music.

Re: Loading Iphone 4s backup on to Iphone 5
Customer Support

Hi vikingdad,

Great question! When backing up a device to iTunes it will only sync the phone specific information you have selected like your mail, contacts, pictures, and calendars. It will not for any reason change your iPhone 5 IOS 6 to the IOS 5 that was on your 4S.

Thank you,


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