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Iphone sending text to email as attachment

In regards to this  "Iphone sending text to email as attachments" thread (which is locked):

Since the thread never saw a solution that I could tell, the problem is this:

When you look at the source of a message, for the text/plain attachment, the Content-Disposition header is set to "attachment". It needs to be set to "inline" so that the text attachment is displayed inline in the receiving mail client.

So, whoever is in control of generating the Content-Disposition header when converting Verizon SMS/MMS messages to MIME messages just needs to change the string "attachment" to "inline" in the code (for the text/plain attachments in the generated MIME message). It's a super simple fix.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Iphone sending text to email as attachment

How could that possibly help?  That is so infuriating!!!!!!!

There was never a solution, so you just shut it down?  Now comment?  No help for hour customers??


Do you think your customers with a problem are going to go find the SW engineer and make a suggestion to them?

Or, are you just saying, "I have no bleeping idea how to get this fixed.  Whatever, Good-bye."

For crying out loud, take some responsibility and get the bloody problem resolved.

Did it ever occur to you that it could be your server software?  HINT:  this problem has only been reported on the Verizon system.

Re: Iphone sending text to email as attachment

Lame service Verizon. Really lame service. Are you just going to ignore this issue? It's been reported in multiple threads and yet you do nothing to fix it. It ruins the entire text to email function. Please fix this.