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Iphone 5 ios 6 text messaging problems

I just purchased a new Iphone 5 ios6  Everything seems to have gone smoothly however there is a major problem with  test messaging. it is intermittent.

At times I can get or receive a text  from either another Iphone or another android or non smart phone. Then  the phone cannot receive texts and the phone will indicate a sent text and I can watch the send bar and it verifys in green that the message was sent  yet  the reciever says no message received.  This occurs whether I am using wifi or  the verizon network.   I have tried this locally in the house over my wifi to my wifes phone or to my sons Iphone.  It does not work.  I have soft started  using the on/off power and home button simultaneously for the required 10 seconds  - no changes. i have reset network settings  nope, I have shut off imessaging, I have deleted all text messages, then tried, nope.  I have used siri, voice recognition, typing for the text messages,  nope. I have sent pics and text pics only text only  nope.    I have talked to a verizon tech who reset the network on her end  nope.  ( then we lost the connection - this was a land line discussion while I was making the restart network on my iphone)

I do not know whether this is a verizon ios6 ihone 5 bug  so if I do not get a resolution quickly verizon can take back the iphone 5 and pay me for the lost time and business.  I had no problems with my other phones which were not iphones!!!!

ANyone have the same or similar problems and did you get a resolution.

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Re: Iphone 5 ios 6 text messaging problems

Rus, I've had similar issues on my iPhone 5. I was having issues that some people on my contact list just weren't getting my texts. I could text them before I got the iPhone and they received them no problem but now it wouldn't go through. Like you the phone said it went through but they never received them. I could receive their texts and even if I replied to their texts, they didn't receive it. I could call them though. I contacted Verizon and Apple but they we no help. What I figured out on my own was that if I deleted their contact from my address book and added it back in fresh, the problem was solved. It's happened to me with 4 different people that were in my contacts already and I deleted them and added them back in and it works fine now. What I believe was happening was I came from a non-smartphone. To transfer my contacts over I downloaded Verizon's contact transfer app on my old phone and uploaded them to it. When my new iPhone 5 came in I downloaded the same app and used it to transfer my contacts to my new phone. I think some of them got corrupted for some reason during the process. I don't know for sure if this is what was happening but since non of the new contacts that I added in after I got the iPhone have any problems I'm guessing I'm right. My concern still is that I will continue to find people in my address book that wont' get my texts and I just won't know it for sure. Good luck!

Re: Iphone 5 ios 6 text messaging problems

I had the same issues w/ my new Iphone 5.  Contacts where getting my texts, then were not - we both have Verizon.  This fix worked:

Go to settings-messages-send&receive: make sure your #is listed as:  +1(603)555-1212

Then go to the contact you are having the issue with:  Delete all your current texts to and from them.

Then update their contact infor w/ their cell number also reading:  +1(603)555-1212

Apple support and verizon were utterly useless in this regard - I tried different things; worked for all of them.  Good luck.