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Can't download any apps!?

I ordered my iPhone 5 September 29th, and it finally came at lunch today (Halloween). I followed the set up instructions, created an Apple ID, etc. First, I could not back up my contacts from Verizon's website (it says that it can't sync with that phone). Fine, I said, I'll just use Lookout to back them up since I backed them up using that before activating my new phone. That didn't really work either (out of 500 contacts, it said it saved 109, and then only 49 went to my iPhone). Each contact also had a duplicate for some reason. Whatever, I can deal with all that.

What I can't deal with is the inability to download ANY app at all. For example, I look up Pandora. Hit install, enter password. Then I get a message saying I have to enter 3 security questions before I can use the app store. Enter the questions and answers, hit Done. It says "This session has timed out" or whatever. Every time. I can't download any apps, free or paid. Is there any way to fix this??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Can't download any apps!?

I don't know if this will help you or not, but it might be worth a shot.

1. Click the settings icon on your iPhone 5 (has little gears on it)

2. Slide down to the Passcode lock to see if it is on, if so turn it off

That probably isn't your issue, but is quick. Here is what to try next

1. In the settings scroll down to "iTunes and App Stores"

2. Click that banner

3. When the new window opens up look at the Apple ID

4. If it looks correct, then sign out and re-enter it

5. If it is wrong, sign out and re-enter the correct ID

As for your contacts back up, the ONLY things that back up your contacts on iPhone without creating duplicates

is iTunes and iCloud. You will need to select  your user ID in the "Devices" tab on iTunes (its about halfway down on the left side.

Next click the "Info" tab at the top

Then, by default, the "Windows" contacts is pre-selected, but you can choose "Selected Groups"

After that, click "SYNC" in the lower left corner