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Backup Assistant only recording partial list of contacts

PRESENT REALITY - I've had so many "issues" iPhone 4S @ Verizon with back up/ syncing/ performance it's mind boggling (and time consuming) and DOWN RIGHT ABUSIVE for Verizon / Apple to not address THEIR ISSUES.  I used to think it was just me, a low techie, not knowing how to this/that BUT AFTER 6 MONTHS of seeking "HELP" from Apple, Verizon, and independent IT Pros and NONE GETTING IT   n o n e   REALLY?  And now, I'm supposed to "buy" A PLAN to backup - back up WHAT?  I have not added any significant data since signing on with Verizon, WHEN I CAME OVER TO VERIZON I had then in data (pics, videos, whatever!) what I have now.  IT CAN'T BACK UP "not enough space, "MANAGE YOUR PLAN" hell it's not my plan to buy a "smartphone" that can't "THINK" …………… WHEN…………… I took my ORIGINAL 4S 64G (broken) to Verizon and said I need…. could they take a look at what I then had? what data?storage? and " " FROM THE POINT OF SALE" " diagnosed WHAT WOULD WORK  & & &  SERVE MY NEEDS.  I offered to pay them for this service, they accepted my terms to collect billing and sell me a diePhone.  ONE MONTH INTO the joy of driving my 2nd new iPhone4S, DID WE NOT run into issues ['can't take a photo' 'can't back up' now it 'can't text] and in low hopes, after submitting a claim of water damage (iSuppose) I am to receive ANOTHER ******* 4S 16G

16G - 64G −100G  these terms "do not compute" Will Robinson.  I don't know what I need. i do know what issues i continually have.  Can WILL some smart guy OR smart girl HELP ME RECEIVE THE SERVICES I AM payingPAYINGpayingPAYINGpayingPAYING for4FOR  -EVERY MONTH- WITHOUT FAIL with my money directly OUT OF MY ACCOUNT.  If you don't have time to do it right - WHEN will you have the time to do it AGAIN?  integrity

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Re: Backup Assistant only recording partial list of contacts

there is a point : no workie

how hard would it be to place my (or yours I am told) iPhone4S on a city block curb………..

and just walk away.. .. ..