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Autopay Fiasco? Anyone else?

After being inconvenienced without a much needed phone all day, I finally reach a land line and after making 9 different phone calls connected to a live body at Verizon Wireless trying to secure answers.  The Customer Service rep transferred me to Verizon financial services, etc......Apparently Verizon took it upon themselves to suspend our account on a Saturday morning, claiming money due.    Our account has been on Autopay for YEARS!    Last payment was due in June and taken in June for the full amount.   Today is June 27.     Bank checking statement in my hand.  Verizon Wireless invoice in my hand.    Next bill is due July 4,  yet Verizon is claiming someone reversed  $66 of the $131 due two days ago.     I authorized AUTOPAY with VERIZON in writing giving you access to debit my bank account every month on a certain day for the full amount due.     Why are you messing with my account?       The bank doesn't get the phone bill and send you money, I don't send you a check anymore - your accounting department is authorized to take the money.    How can I owe money?      After speaking to 2 reps & a supposed supervisor, with everyone scrambling for a different answer, the only way I could get my service restored is to authorize additional payment.    ARE YOU SERIOUS??    You suspended a customer of 40+ years for   $66 - without any notification .....    obviously there is a screw up with the Verizon process debiting the bank accounts.      I was also told you originally misapplied the payment to a different account, and then I was told the same thing was done in March, but I probably didn't know about it and realize that I didn't have phone service.     I totally lost confidence in Verizon Wireless.  How a clerk could have the nerve to tell me I probably screwed up my home on-line banking, or had insufficent funds?  No-online banking here, fund balance probably more than her annual salary, and my career as a Fortune 500 Financial Controller has me seriously questioning if Verizon Wireless is falling apart completely....I asked for the name of accounting supervisor or manager that I could speak to on Monday and the

'supervisor' I spoke to said they don't have one.   Really?

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Re: Autopay Fiasco? Anyone else?

Is this your first Verizon issue?

Re: Autopay Fiasco? Anyone else?
Customer Support

Hello Terif11.

I apologize on behalf of Verizon for the confusion and inconvenience you unfortunately experienced today. I would not feel any differently than you. As a long term customer and business professional, I can understand your concerns. I ask that you please call Financial Services at 866-266-1445 and ask to speak straight away to a Supervisor. When you contact Customer Service/Social Media, we honestly do not have a list of  Supervisors in Financial Services. However, when you call Customer Service, you can certainly request to be warm transferred to Financial Services, and connected to a Supervisor. This does need to be straightened out by them. Again, please accept our apologies for the manner in which you were spoken to and for the confusion on your account. I am certain this can be resolved by speaking to them on Monday. Thank you for being a very loyal customer and for your patience in handling this matter.


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