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Anyone else think Verizon or Apple should compensate us for this mess?

I just feel like its a waste of time to have anyone pre-order anything if you can not handle the pre-orders nor have the quantity to provide to everyone as requested. I hate even seeing the fact that they are rushing orders from various factories. Yes, I do want my phone but I want a properly fixed, free of glitches and what not free phone. I also do not see what the issue is with saying okay verizon you get this many and at&t you get this many and so forth and so on. And then when an order is placed, the number that you have goes down. Just like seats on a plane, rooms in a hotel, shoes in a store, I mean its really simple but so complex and I am beyond frustrated as to why my shipping date changed and my card has not been charged and all verizon has to say on the phone or in this forum is " we know your excited, check your order status and we have no answer as to why you can't get your phone like we promised". Just stop trying to pacify me, deliver my phone and own up to your mistakes.

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Re: Anyone else think Verizon or Apple should compensate us for this mess?

I couldn't agree more. Today when I checked the site to see how far back the orders have reached one of the versions is still listed as being available for delivery 9/19. And after asking a CR they simply said no it's actually the end of October. Why is it so hard for them to control this situation or at least be truthful?