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    Windows 7 64-bit + VZAccess Manager v7.0.12 (2384a) = Blank Error Box




      I went to http://www.vzam.net/download/supported.aspx where it shows my Verizon USB727 as being compatible with Windows 7. The footnotes even state that there is a 64-bit driver included. When I download and run the file indicated, it proffers the expected UAC prompt (which I acknowledge) then shortly follows that with an error box. I would ordinarily say "error message", but there's no "message" here... just a title of "VZAccess Manager", a red circle with a white "X" graphic in the upper-left corner, and an "OK" button in the lower-right.


      Any ideas? I've tried running the installer in both Vista & XP compatibility modes with no change.




      - John


      (ps - anyone else amused by the spellchecker suggesting a replacement of "VZAccess" with "Evacuees"?)