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      How do I transfer my contact list to my new phone.


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          Depending on the two devices, the easiest way is to have it done at the Verizon store.  They can transfer them from the old to the new in a few minutes.


          If both phones are capable of using Backup Assistant, you can use that to do it yourself.  You need to have Backup Assistant on the old phone to backup the list to Verizon's online servers.  Then install Backup Assistant on the new phone and sync with the online server to get all the contacts on the new phone.  This is all free (except for the initial download of the app if you do not have a data plan) as long as you have a MyVerizon account.


          If the new phone is already activated and you did not have Backup Assistant on the old phone, your best option is to take both phones to the store and have them transfer the contacts.  THEN install Backup Assistant on the new phone....it's a good thing to have.

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            what is the old phone is broke and the sim card has been transfered to the new phone>\?

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              Great question! If the old phone is broken & doesn't power on then there would be no way to transfer the contacts in the store. Do you know if you had the backup assistant installed on the old phone? As SuzyQ stated, this would be the best way to get the contacts back since the contacts aren't stored on your SIM card.

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