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    Texting on a cruise ship


      What is the cost of texting on a cruise ship, most have their own cell service that must be turned off as they come into port. On the inner Alaska cruise you should be able to text off verizon tower with no charge if you have messaging package. If you use the Cellular at Sea ship service you pay even if you have unlimited texting. Can you get Verizon cell service on the ships on inner alaska cruises. If you stand on the side of the ship facing shore its possible, look at your screen and see if it says verizon, if its the ships service would it say extended network, or the actual name of the cruise ships cell service. As alaska is in the US I assume no international charges would apply if your screen says verizon?

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          While a ship is in port they usually turn off their own towers to allow you to roam off landbased towers. So yes, watching that ERI banner will let you know if you're on Verizon Wireless or Extended. However, if you're in Alaska you're roaming on extended networks anyway. So it may be difficult to tell. You're best bet is to make sure you're physically on land before using your phone.


          But texting while on the cruise ship and using their towers is .50 to send and .05 to receive.