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    Text Message Details


      I am on a joint family account and I understand that you cannot view actual text message content. I also understand that you can view all text message times, dates and numbers invloved both online and on the bill. My question is can this be turned off or blocked at all? I do not wish to have ANY details available.



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          The primary number/account holder has online access to all the details on all the lines and you cannot block that.  Secondary lines can log in with their number, and see the minutes used and #'s of texts sent/received, but no details.


          The printed bill will have summary information, but no call or texting details unless you pay a fee each month for that.  However, the primary account holder can go online and print the detailed bill if they choose.

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            Thanks, what about on the bill?? I'm a new Alltel/Verizon customer.