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    google pixel 2 and custom ringtones


      how to i add custom ringtones too my google pixel 2 xl. all other android phones are simple but on the pixel iv researched and cant find any solutions. they say your suppose to move the music file from your download folder to the ringtone folder but that does not work

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          I presume, you moved the ringtones (,OGG files) to the same Ringtones directory holding other .OGG files?


          If so, power down the phone, and power it back up. The "media scanner" of the Android OS, should pick up these new files, and when you go into settings to manipulate your ringtone, it should find them and let you select them.


          Technically that should work. I wouldn't know why it wouldn't.

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            ok so, the music file im trying to use as a ringtone is inside my donwload folder( saved from google drive) and i cannot move this file to anywhere els on the phone

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              if anyone can provide a step by step guide as in how to set custom ringtones from music files it would greatly appreciated

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                Are you using a file explorer app that came with the phone or one you downloaded from the Play Store?

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                  Not sure with the XL.  Just got a Pixel 2 and was struggling for a little bit.  Had to hold the icon of the downloaded file for a few seconds and then got a blue check box.  After that the 3 dots gives more menu option and was able to chose Move to move the file to the ringtone folder (had  to navigate to the ringtone folder and hit the blue move button).  It then showed up in the menu when assigning ringtones to callers (use 3 dots there when editing contact to assign ringtone).

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                    We're here to assist you, Phatony. Did you get your custom sounds and ringtones to work on the device? Have you verified if the features are up to date to run these?



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                      The problem is that the Pixel does not come with a Ringtones folder. You must create one.

                      Once you have a Ringtones folder, you need to download the new ringtone as an MP3 file.  You can email it to yourself and then move it to the ringtones folder which is a subfolder on the Pixel "Drive" which is one of the pre installed items in the list of all apps.  It is in alphabetic order.  I just did it and it works.


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                        I just figured this out.  It was driving me crazy!     I used Sonos, but any good sound system should work.  Place your phone near the speaker, Then using Voice Record, record at least 30 seconds of sound.   Within the same app, go to the library and rename it.  After doing so, you will see a vertical ellipsis (3 dots) to the right.  Within that area "Save as a ringtone".   That command will make it your default ringtone, but easily changed/managed within the ringtone area. 


                        Linda S   Minnesota

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