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    Blackberry KeyOne


      Today, I visited the Blackberry website to see where can I get the newest Blackberry KEYone phone and was surprised to see that starting tomorrow September 1st; AT&T is exclusively will be launching a Blackberry Space Black KEYone version. The silver original color is already available through Sprint.


      Ok, with that being said if or when will Verizon carry this model? I have been a loyal Blackberry user for over two decades and am not interested in any other manufacturer. I currently use the Z30. My charger port is not holding the charger cord in properly, I called Asurion for a replacement and was told that they do not carry any Blackberry phones because they were discontinued. I was miffed because I knew that Blackberry still manufactured phone like this Keyone. The representative tried to convince me that Blackberry is out of business...... I said to her that if they were out of business then their website would have said so and that they will not be having phones for sale. She told me that they could only offer me some Motorola phones or I can call Verizonwireless to get a Blackberry phone because there wasn't anything they can do. I was very frustrated and had said that if I'm paying you a monthly fee for service; you should be able to service me with a device that is comparable to what I currently have and a Motorola which is android is not comparable to my Blackberry and what it can do and secure. She just kept saying that all they can do for me and transferred me to a Verizon rep. A long story short, Asurion was willing to reimburse me for another Verizon Blackberry phone if I had paid the retail price from Verizonwirelss and send them a copy of the receipt. After, I spoke with a manager about this ordeal, I asked him a vital question. If Verizonwireless doesn't carry any Blackberry phones, where in the WORLD would I purchase a phone from. If that was just the stupidest solution I told him; obviously you must think that I'm incompetent. So, I asked to be transferred to Blackberry. I spoke with the rep and she told me that the phones were only available from Amazon or Best Buy at this time. I looked on both websites and they are not available.


      So, Will Verizon carry this model or will l have to breakup a two decade wireless carrier relationship and move to AT&T. I do have them as a bundle package and have been avoiding the daily advertisements to add a wireless service and save more $$$$$. Please someone respond.



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          The (silver) BlackBerry Keyone model unlocked & compatible with the Verizon network has been sold for 3 months now, but only directly from Best Buy & Amazon.


          The availability has been somewhat sporadic due to sales and issues with the screen hardware separating from the device and software fixes. As of today Amazon shows the Verizon compatible version as out of stock but it is available at Best Buy's for order and shipping again.


          The KeyOne isn't made by BlackBerry, as BlackBerry doesn't manufacture devices or hardware since their company restructuring. BlackBerry does make software offer design licensing for products.


          The KeyOne is an Android device made by TCL, a Chinese electronics company. They licensed the BlackBerry keyboard design for the phone which is why the model carries the name. Definitely helpful for brand recognition.


          'BlackBerry' devices released since the end of 2015 have been running the Android operating system as the BlackBerry OS like on your Z30 had been retired.

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            Hello, Thank you so much for the clarity of the new Blackberry KeyOne. I had no idea that it was not a Blackberry made phone but was told by a Blackberry representative that it was..... Now, I'm disappointed. If the KeyOne provides the same security measures as the other Blackberry devices than I will be pacified for now. This will make me have to learn the trick and trades of an Android.


            Thanks Again.......

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              Blackberry has licensed their phones to TCL.  I am a loyal Blackberry user also and I am getting frustrated.  Amazon and Best Buy have a Verizon compatible version, I just don't want to shell out $549.00 at the moment.  It would be nice if Verizon hooked up a payment plan with Best Buy. 

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                Since the KEYone is only made with GSM radio chip set - (NOT CDMA compatible), I doubt Verizon will carry until they have TCL design a version with CDMA capabilities. Question is:  is it six months or 18 months after the launch of the GSM version, which is compatible on AT&T and T-Mobile networks as well as international networks across the pond. Guess I will be dropping Verizon after a good run of 15 years.

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                  The KeyOne is available in both GSM and CDMA from Best Buy for US $549, and is unlocked, so it can be used on mulitiple carriers, includeing Verizon (CDMA). The hardware is made by TCL. The OS is Android, but many Blackberry apps are preloaded, such as Hub and BB keyboard. It runs the DTEK security software.

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                    I've been using the unlocked CDMA version of the Blackberry Keyone since day one and it has been a great phone. I'm also a 20-year veteran of Blackberry devices and this is the best one yet.  There is a very short learning curve to adapt to Android, but the BB hub is there as you are accustomed to.  I have set up the phone to have the same notification tones and same functionality as my previous BB devices.  The keyboard is excellent (it feels better to me than the Q10 I most recently used) and the device is well made - so it does not matter to me whether it was manufactured by TCL or Blackberry itself.  I have had no screen separation issues as some other early adopters have noted. Any Keyones that you buy today would have had the extra adhesive that TCL claimed to use after first identifying potential separation issues in limited devicesI am not a big user of apps, but it is nice to have access to a handful of ones I find useful and that were not available or didn't work well under the BB operating system. The camera is a big step ahead over past BB devices as well... Battery life has been a pleasant surprise - i typically show 3-4 days of battery life remaining, but I do not leave wifi, bluetooth, or location services turned on when I am not using them, so your mileage may vary (right now my battery meter shows that it was charged 23 hours ago and has three days remaining).

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                      All -

                      When I was checking out the specs on the blackberry website, it had 2 version i was looking at. the BBB100-1 (GSM version) and BBB100-3 (Verizon version).


                      When I received my phone was that it just wasn't working for the first hour or two. After couple of resets, it worked.


                      When I went to the phone settings > about, this is what I noticed - the model is BBB100-1, not BBB100-3. Is this to say that the BBB100-1 will work with Verizon or that the BBB100-1 is basically the GSM version with CDMA built into it and they're just not stating it?


                      Let me know what model phone you have! Thanks!

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                        Can you check the model of your phone and let me know if it's the BBB100-1 or the BBB100-3 (Settings > About Phone) Thanks!

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