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    Bluetooth auto switches between devices Note 5 Updated to 7.0 04-18-17


      Phone updated yesterday (N920VVRU3CQB9) and besides the new interface a annoying issue has started.  I may wear a headphone or ear bud connected to bluetooth.  When I get in the car the phone will auto switch tot he BT car system or if another previously paired device initializes the phone will switch.  I cant find any settings for this.  I have turned off Battery optimize as one forum suggested, I have stopped all BT system apps, I have rebooted several times.  Sometimes it drops the connection to the headphone/ear bud and doesn't connect and goes tot he phones speaker only.If I disconnect a devices in the BT Paired Devices list it does not auto reconnect.  There has to be something else managing the BT connections that is misconfigured.