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    VERIZON INCOMPETENCE: Screen rotation broken since update


      Since the recent big verizon android update, screen rotation on my phone no longer works properly.  In games, which manually control screen rotation, it is still working, but it does not work for regular apps like the browser.


      I went into Settings > Display and there is *no* option to enable/disable screen rotation.  There used to be an option, but since the update, it is gone.


      I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET YOU CROOKS ***STEAL*** EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS FROM ME.  Everyone at Verizon who tries to put [removed] on top of Android SHOULD BE FIRED.


      And by the way, our cellular coverage at our house here is better than our previous provider, so to all the guys and gals at Verizon working in the Network part of the company, good job, keep up the great work.  Maybe you can sit down and give some tips to the Verizon android department on how not to make your customers HATE YOU.


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