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    LED light no longer flashes when I receive a text after Nougat upgrade


      After the Nougat upgrade that just happened a few days ago, the LED light on my phone no longer flashes when I get a text message.  It will flash just one time as soon as I get a text but only if I happen to be looking right at the phone as soon as it comes through, which is hardly never.  Afterwards, nothing.  I rely on the flashing light to see if I have a message because I can't always keep my phone right next to me.  Also, after the upgrade, if I get a missed call, it flashes green and it used to flash blue so I could tell if I missed a call or had a text.  I was COMPLETELY happy with the phone before the upgrade.  My motto is, if it's not broke, don't fix it.  I understand that others have certain issues with the phone and that's why updates are made but if it doesn't effect my use of my phone, why should I be forced to download the updated software?  It updated features I don't even use on my phone.  It should be up to the customer to decide if they want to upgrade the changes or not.  That is one thing I absolutely hate about these phones!!  Every time there is an update, it messes something up on my phone.  I absolutely dread it every time I see an update because I know I'm going to have issues.  Every single time I've had to upgrade, I have had something go wrong with my phone.  This is one thing I had to write about because it's a main feature I use on my phone and I want it back.  The other stuff, I just let go.  Can you please help me get my OLD phone back?  I would greatly appreciate it. 

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