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    Blocking known invalid numbers


      Today I received two harassing phone calls (one threating to[Remove] my sister) from invalid area codes (637, 632).


      The FCC complaint site does not allow invalid area codes as complaints, it seems the only way to combat this abuse is for Verizon to block these obviously bad numbers.


      Is there a reason Verizon does not block known bad area codes?



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          I've gotten 3 call within the past 24 hours from 633, 634, 637, area codes, xxx-0000 each time.  Google Pixel picks it up as a SPAM caller, (likely due to the invalid area code?) and I block it on the phone.


          Verizon is not going to block any calls for you or make a decision to accept or reject any call, that's up to you.  You can install apps that will help you to recognize and block the calls, or just ignore them, put unknown #'s on silent ring so they don't interrupt, etc. 


          You can check 1800notes.com and similar sites (and see all the reports from these numbers) and add your voice to the reports.  Besides that, and taking steps to reduce the intrusiveness of unsolicited and unwanted calls, I'm not sure much else can be done at this point.

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            I use CM Security by Cheetah Mobile. Has a pretty decent call blocker with user report feature. Its a little heavy on ads, but free.

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              What I confess I'm puzzled about, is the circumstance where *any* valid call would come from a known invalid area code. Sure, we're free to filter incoming calls ourselves, but if every single call from an invalid area code is bogus, I'd think Verizon would be doing their customers a favor by disallowing these - especially those which cannot be reported, since only valid numbers are accepted in reports.


              Thanks for the software-solution suggestion. I'll have to investigate blocking software for my (Windows 10) phone and see if it supports area code blocking. I'm happy to pay for it, since the software would be providing a valuable service.

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                What the caller is doing is ANI spoofing. It is endemic to spammers and scammers. They can clone any caller id, when they use implausible numbers it makes it easier to figure who the baddies are. When they clone valid ANI details it gets dangerous.

                Remember NEVER EVER EVER give out personal, financial or sensitive info to an inbound caller no matter how legit they sound. Companies you deal with will have that info already, and would not ask.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  JOHNJE, I can understand your frustration regarding receiving calls from strange numbers. I work in the industry and find myself also receiving these types of calls. We are always here and want to protect our customer’s security. The fact is we do not have much control over these con artist's ability to get numbers and to make unsolicited calls. We are all victims of technology, which means that companies and even individuals can call you from any number and make your caller ID show from a totally different number. I recommend continue trying to report them and never give out your personal information. You can also try filing a complaint with the FTC: http://bit.ly/2kHNyTR




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