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    Roadside assistance


      This feayure seemed great/ I have had it for 2 years and never used it until last night my son who is 17 broke down on the highway at 11:30 pm. Guess what, after being on the phone until alomost 4:00 am and both he and I being hung up on 3 times, and flat out lied to, we got nothing except call back tomorrow or live in a bigger city!! This feature is horrible and a rip off. If you subscribe to it, then you may as well cancel. I asked the name of the company and was twice refused and just told they represent VZW. They are not VZW but they are giving the company a very bad name. I ended up alling a tow truck myself and sending t to tow my son. I will never recommend this service to anyone. I love my VZW phone but if I am going to get service like this from a 3rd party that represents VZW and VZW doesn't do anything about the way its customers are treated then unfortunantly VZW deserves to lose good customers. I think if VZW is offering the product to its "valued" customers then it needs toget a company that will actually provide the service we pay for. The roadside assistance reps and supervisors are rude and do not care if they have our business or not. Doe anyone know who to contact to complain about this miserable good for nothing service?

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          I was thinking about signing up, the service looks great for 5 bucks a month for the family share, thanks for the information. What state was your son when this happened?

          Did he have the verizon phone with him?

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            I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have had to use #ROAD several times and they're great. Had a family member use it because they ran out of gas and someone brought 2 gallons of gas within 30 minutes. I needed a tow truck after breaking a ball joint on the axle of a car, it took about an hour for them to get there, but the #ROAD rep called me every so often to keep me updated.


            I guess it just depends on where you're living or whatnot. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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              I didn't know about roadside assistance till one night I had to call 411 for a tow truck. 411 transferred me to Verizon roadside assistance. I was charged $60 witch was fine because I know I didn't have a plan with them. I gave them my info of were I was and they told me a tow company will call me in a few min. . Well I got the phone call and it was from some tow company out in Pasadena California when I live in Pasadena Maryland. How do you get that wrong? Also to top it off, I couldn't get back a hold of them. I couldn't get my money back even with my confirmation number I got when I payed for it, And now that I have talked to them; they say the confirmation is no good, and I will have to have my supervisor call you back. It shows on my bank statement that I payed. So why can't they even try and use my card that I payed with and just return me with my money. They are full of it. The next best thing for me to do is go to my bank and say its a fraud.


              The way I see it is if you have payed for it for 2 years witch would come to a $120. Its just cheaper to call your local tow comp. for $60. And if its for gas, well don't run out!  This service is ****