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        This is an issue that has gone on for almost a month now. If it was an easy fixed, it would have been patched in days. There must be a serious issue with the iPhone 7 that can not be quickly resolved. If it's hardware, you are looking at a massive exchange where people will wait months for a replacement. My guess is if they can't fix it, they will disable VoLTE for the iPhone 7, instead of doing exchanges. I will not be upgrading to the 7 until this is fixed.

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          Steven, no offense, I'm sure Verizon and Apple is doing everything to assist "upset" users that currently have very few good phones to choose from currently but our SIM cards are not the issue.  Neither is signal for most people when their iPhone 5s, 6 or 6s worked fine before the 7.


          If either Apple or Verizon would like to truly help users, you all could start by publicly acknowledging the issue and then giving us an ETA for resolution if possible.


          Not it doing either will likely result in a good deal of us returning our phones or asking for a return after we've all been placated for weeks and not able to return after 14 days.  Not really a fair option for Verizon customers locked in to a broken phone. 

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            They definitely won't recall anything, no matter how broken it is.  Doing so would make them appear similar to the Note 7 and they'd rather save face to the public. 


            My my guess is there will be a slow release of an Apple iOS rollout that fixes several issues after beta testing multiple releases.  So hang in there for a while or return that bad boy if possible.  I have to do so today as I used to use my phone for business and now, I dont take calls as I know they'll drop.


            Another thing I've noticed is that spelling and grammar correction are horrible. 


            The he only thing Apple and Verizon recognize is $$$.   Remove that and it'll get priority at some point. :-)

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              Btw. I typed that reply from my phone so if anything is poorly spelled or repeated, that's my iPhone working its magic.  Lol.

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                I also am having this issue. My new Iphone 7 will sometimes just suddenly go to 3G and most of time time I never get above 2 bars. I am very concerned because I know they moved the antennas on this phone so I am wondering if this is a hardware issue that can't be resolved.


                To the person that posted about your fix by signing in the Verizon account and turning of the voice HD, where is this option on the Verizon Wireless web site? I don't see this option. I have already set my phone to allow LTE only on data.


                Anyone else have any success correcting this problem? I am getting nervous.

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                  Where is the option to turn of the HD voice on the Verizon web site? I don't see where there is an option on the web site. I want to try your fix.

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                    I know it can be a little tricky to find sometimes. Let's get you the steps. My Plan & Services, Manage Your Products, you will see a list of features(HD Voice included).



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                      hello derek


                      what is the return policy on the phone?


                      my new iPhone 7 plus has no reception in my home nor meighborhood; but my iphone 6 and friends iphone 5s all work properly.


                      i need this phone for business calls, and for emergency phone calls. Neither of which I can perform now. Thus the phone has no value to me.

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                        We know its important to have a working phone for personal and business Sulzmatt . I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this type of service on this awesome phone. We will do our best to help with a resolution.


                        Our return policy is 14-days from the date of purchase to return the phone for a full refund as long as there is no damage. If you're past the 14-day return period, we replace the phone with a certified like new phone of the same model. We will also perform trouble-shooting to try and fix the issue without having to replace it. Lets get started! What is your zip code where the issues occur? Are you there any issues with data? Are calls dropping or not connecting at all?



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                          Luckily my 7 Plus is working perfect but here is the fix for those with problems.........Apple releases iOS 10.0.3, fixing Verizon LTE issues on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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