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    Advance Calling feature


      Advance calling is seriously annoying. While I have it on, 40% of my phone calls experience extremely low quality, as in people are heard mumbled. So we often hang up and try the call again. Then I just realized that I can not browse the internet and be on a phone call without the advance calling feature ACTUALLY being on. And to top everything off, I CAN NOT turn Mobile data on while on a phone call.... >_< For a phone that costs close to $1,000.00, these changes are ridiculous. Even if its the software really, not much the physical device...

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          With all the recent phones on Verizon, you must have Advanced Calling on to get simultaneous voice and data. Prior to Advanced Calling, phones on Verizon had to actually have 2 cellular radios to do simultaneous voice and data. This was expensive and a battery hog having duplicate cellular components.


          With the release of Advanced Calling, all phones have used a single radio which now allows simultaneous voice and data. So this is not a software restriction, but a hardware restriction and a limitation on Verizon's legacy CDMA technology.


          I have been using Advanced Calling since it was turned on and it is great. We do not hear many complaints anymore. What you are experiencing with choppy voice is not the norm at all.

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            I was under the impression the Advanced Calling i.e. HD calling was only active if calling another Verizon user who also has Advanced  Calling enabled.  When I call my mom the call is louder and very clear.


            I moved to the Note 7 from the Note 4, and I could use Advanced Calling with my Network Extender...  but with the Note 7,  by design advanced calling will prevent the 7 from connecting to ask extender.   Why?  Doesn't make sense.

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              HD Voice is just part of Advanced Calling, they are not one in the same.


              When you have a phone with Advanced Calling capability and it is Advanced Calling is turned on, what you are really doing is turning on VoLTE - Voice over LTE. Every call you make will be through Advanced Calling in this situation as long as you have a LTE signal. It doesn't matter if you are calling another Verizon subscriber, a landline, or another cellular company, all calls are on Advanced Calling using VoLTE. This is what allows you to use voice and data at the same time on the newer phones. Everything is data going over LTE.


              HD Voice is a subset of Advanced Calling. If you are calling another Verizon subscriber that has HD Voice capable phone and that phone is on Advanced Calling, then the call will go through with the increased fidelity of HD voice.


              You will also notice that calls are better quality even when not calling an HD Voice phone, but just by a slight amount when on Advanced Calling.


              If your network extended is the older 3G type (which I am certain it is since you were using it with your Note 4) then you were never doing Advanced Calling through that Network Extender. You can only do Advanced Calling when you have an LTE signal. THe reason the Note 4 could do voice and data at the same time had nothing to do with Advanced Calling. It is because the Note 4 had 2 radios - one for calling on the CDMA network and one for using LTE data.

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                That may have been the case the but service was a lot better. I prefer good service over battery depletion any day.  When I make phone calls now, people have a hard time hearing me so I have to hang up, turn off advance calling and re-establish the connection or call. Regardless of how this works in the background, I live in the NY metropolitan area, so service is overall great no matter where I am.


                Guess in trying to save costs, they also degraded on quality of service. Interesting enough is that as soon as I called about this problem the service rep knew exactly  what may have been causing it, and they all pointed to advance calling. feature

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                  Like I said, your advanced voice experience is not the norm. 

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                    With, fantastic answer, thank you for the explanation.


                    Model SCS-2U01.