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    How Do I Upgrade My Phone?


      At the moment I have the old samsung hue and I want to upgrade to a new phone.

      I'm on Verizon Prepaid and was just transferred today.

      How do I do it?

      I found the phone that I want, but when I click "Upgrade Phone" it goes to my accound overview and I do not know where to go from there?

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          Boo, there are some difficulties with that. First being that the Verizon Prepay has no contract, therefore, there is no "annual, standard, New every two, etc" discounts or upgrades for the phones.

          The cheaper upgrade pricing on phones is something you get whenever you renew your 1 or two year contract.

          If you just want a new prepaid phone, you'll have to first go into a VZW retail store, or look up www.vzw.com and find a phone that works on a prepaid account.

          which bring me to the other issue: Not all phones work on prepay accounts. Unfortunately, the pickings are quite slim.