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    MiFi 2200 file download speed incredibly slow


      I got a Mifi 2200 4 days ago.  Browsing and email speed is pretty good.  But file downloads are impossible. 


      I'm trying to download a file from Microsoft, and getting 61kb/sec -- about the speed of a dial-up.  This is 10% of the low end from the documentation.  I tried 3 other major sites as well (with small files) and got the same result. At the moment it is 2 hours and 64 MB into a 1.1 GB download, and I think it has failed. 


      I spent nearly 4 hours on the phone with Verizon tech support.  (As a result, my computer is fairly messed up ...) But the download speed is no better. They did confirm that the download and upload speeds from speedtest.net are within the range for my device, and I have a very strong signal. 


      At the local Verizon store, the tech services person says 80kb/sec is as good as he gets.  This is ridiculous for a "broadband" connection.


      Any suggestions are appreciated.  I still have 26 days to return the modem.


      Thanks everyone for ideas.

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          I don't agree!  I would either ask for a replacement to try or just give up before you're committed to a contract.  I am not sure what my speeds are exactly, but I know they are more than 60 or 80 kb.  I'll have to do a speed test tonight & get back to you.

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            the speeds you can get are dependent primarily on the bandwidth available from the cell tower you connect to, and your mifi's signal to the tower. you may want to do some testing to see if your lack of speed is directly related to strength of signal.


            if you have good/great signal, its entirely possible the cell tower you are connected to is overloaded, causing your speed issues.


            if you determine signal is not the issue, try driving to a more populous city area and see if no matter where you go to find good signal, your speeds always suck. to me, that would indicate a faulty mifi and verizon would have a hard time arguing with you.


            its probably best not to use "bars" to judge signal. read about testing via "RSSI" at bottom of this article: http://j.mp/boostmifi

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              i tested the download and upload speed with my ipod touch using the speedtest.net application.  My results were the following:


              Download = 767 kbps

              Upload = 278 kbps


              this is pretty typical results for when I test using the mifi.  Not even close to the speeds I get using a wireless connection to my home internet service through comcast:


              Download = 12,541 kbps

              Upload = 2189 kbps


              However, for a mobile solution using the ipod touch, I'm pretty satisfied.  I haven't tested it with a laptop or pc, but I'll give it a try soon.

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                We just upgraded yesterday from the 150 USB modem to the MiFi 2200.  Downloads seem to be slower than when we used the 150.  We thought we could use this MiFi with our pc, which is not WiFi capable, and with our laptop, which has Wifi, at the same time, but that not being the case, we may be returning the MiFi.  We need an option for strong internet connections, fast downloads, connecting both our computers mentioned simultaneously, yet keep the portability so we have internet connections when we travel.  We live in a rural area, so our options are probably limited.  Anyone have any ideas?  I would sure appreciate hearing from you. 

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                  It is supposed to go 600-1400 kb/s for downloads and 500-800kb/s for uploads. Mine right now is going about 25kb/s downloading. i tried calling them and they said "We don't know what's wrong, Sorry" *hangs up* i don't know either.