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    Mobile DDOS Attack? Mobile Virus????!


      This morning when I was browsing the web (webMD of all things) using my Samsung Galaxy Android version 5.0.1, an odd pop-up type window came up and I couldn't go back to the page@ where I had been so I closed the browser, restarted my phone, and tried again. When I went back to my browser (Google), a very weird message came up that said;

      "The page at android.lockbooster.com says:

      Your generic android 5.0 has been blocked because a DDOS attack occurred from your phone. It is possibly infected with a virus. If the problem is not fixed, the internet connection will be blocked."


      I copied the message down and did a google search (on my computer) to try to find help. NOTHING! Surely, I'm not the only one who has had this happen. My husband suggested I run an antivirus program. I ran the Verizon Antivirus software and the AVG one on my phone. They didn't find anything. I'm scared to use my phone. Does anyone out there know anything about this? I certainly don't know enough about computers or phones to attack anyone. I had to look up DDOS because I had no clue what that meant and it didn't sound good!


      Help please!

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