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    Assumption of Liability and Edge Plans


      My husband and I recently divorced. Prior to things becoming final, I called VZW about how to handle moving him and his lines off of my account. I was told it was a fairly easy process and that when we were ready, to just call back and have my ex do an assumption of liability on the lines he's taking over. Well, after spending over an hour and half on the phone with four different agents today, having them run his credit and create an account for him, we find out he can't assume his line because it's on an Edge agreement. First of all, thank you Verizon for adding just one more jab of pain to this horrible life change--you all have figured out a way to keep us together when therapy couldn't. And from what we were finally explained, even if we were able to pay off the Edge early, we'd still have to wait 30 days to do the assumption.


      My question is...is this all correct, that assumptions can't be done on Edge lines? And if so, any chance of this changing in the near future? Y'all are starting to make that Sprint buyout offer look better and better.

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          ThIs is all correct. You can not do an assumption of liability on any line that has an Edge agreement. You most likely have to wait 30 days in order for a bill to close and the payoff to be final, but at the same time I think that they got rid of the 30 day waiting period for getting a new Edge phone. So that is the one piece of the puzzle I'm not certain about.


          Is the account in your name I'm assuming?

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            We definitely don't want to add additional pain to an already painful situation. At this time, lines with an active Edge agreement are unable to be assumed by another party. It is possible to pay off the balance and move the line right afterwards. The line can also be transferred to a sub-account so the billing is split into two invoices. Please advise if either option will work for you.

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