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    MBB Connect


      MBB Connect 5GB W VOICE


      What is this feature?  It is costing $15 per month.  It's on my Blackberry Tour Plan.  I also have the Blackberry Broadband Unlimited for $44.99 per month.

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          MBB Connect allows you to tether your phone to a computer and use it as a modem. It gives you 5GB of use. It can be removed at anytime.


          On a different note, do you use your email in the Tour for personal use or do you need to use the Blackberry Enterprise Server(BES)? The $44.99/month(BES) is auto added when a blackberry is added to the account, but if you are just using personal email like gmail, yahoo, hotmail you can change to the personal for $29.99/month. It gives you the exact same thing you are already using.

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            Thanks for the info.  I remember talking to the clerk about it and that I was getting it free for one month.


            I use my Blackberry for work email so I need to pay the higher fee.



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              With any promo that gives you one month free , be sure to remove it at the end of the promo. Otherwise it will stay on your account, but no longer be free. :smileyhappy: You can call customer service and ask them to remove it at the end of the promo.