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    Missed call/ call forwarding


      Ok when you don't pick up call and it's forwarded to another number ..... Do you still get missed call displayed on phone that it's been routed from?

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          If the tower/switch send the call to the forwarded-to number, it shouldn't ring at all on the intended phone being forwarded from.  Meaning, the call should never ring on the handset and therefore not log a call.  Might be dependent on phone, app or service used.

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            Thanks for the input. I'm using an iphone 5s.

            Main reason I ask this question is because yesterday I was accused of forwarding my calls to someone when I don't answer my phone. I really don't know how many calls supposedly but I'm thinking this only happened Friday night.


            At least person knows I didn't do it on purpose. However the thing is I didn't do it at all,not even by accident. I checked with Verizon and double checked. There is absolutely no record of any of my calls being forwarded.

            I don't if anyone on this forum can answer this, but someone suggested that because I have a burner app that can generate an alternative number, it may have had a bug and intercepted my calls. I just don't buy that.


            I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. Apparently person received 1 or more ? Calls that asked for me and my business. Obviously first thing he's probably going to think is that I forwarded my calls to him.

            I'm having my suspicions that it was just an actual call made to him, to possibly annoy him and place blame on me (long story)

            So is it possible for a burner app to intercept my calls and forward them, but leave no record?

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              I know of no burner app, so IDK how it would act.  Sounds strange.  Either the story was made up or your phone was manipulated while out of your sight.

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                Here's the burner app http://m.burnerapp.com

                My phone was definitely not manipulated. It's always on my person, there's a password. Also there is no record of call forwarded from my account.


                I believe that he did receive a call(s) for me. Would he know they were forwarded or just assume that?


                These answers are helping me to determine if a third party actually made the call straight to him and pretended they were looking for me.  Again long story, but there is a vindictive person in my life that would like to make me look bad.

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                  I just looked up several for Android.  Seems some can be changed to show a different number...a randomly chosen or a personally chosen one.  I wouldn't think that a call to you that was forwarded to him would be known by him unless he set the calls to forward to him. 

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                    Yes, I had called him once from burner app. That's why someone suggested the app may have intercepted my calls. I just don't see that.

                    However just to clarify ....if for some reason I forwarded calls to you and you get a couple that ask for me etc.

                    Would there be something on your caller ID that would let you know the call was forwarded to you, or would you just assume that was the case?


                    Thanks for your replies

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                      What ever number was used is the number displayed, forwarded or spoofed.  But, if I received a call from someone asking for someone else, if I didn't know them I'd think it was a misdial, if I did know who they asked for I'd think forwarding.  Or, someone called me purposefully asking for someone else knowing it wasn't the correct number.  Burner apps should only change the number, not forward, but each app might be different.

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                        It might be possible that the caller dialed the burn number and it rang on your end since I think, burner apps are basically forwarding services that take your number and change it somewhere between you and the receiver.  I would assume that I was being called by whatever number showed on screen as ID.

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                          I'm not sure why you'd have a burn number outside of staying private or on the downlow, so to speak, but besides this being somewhat confusing given the details and lack of specific steps used and how many people are involved, I'm not sure what else to add.

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