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        I have a Motorola Nexus 6 as well and have the same issue. Come on VZW... How about addressing this question officially.

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          Then the FCC needs to revamp those rules IMHO

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            I am having to return the Nexus 6 purchased five days ago from Motorola because Verizon will not activate the phone. I have been told it is because the antenna built into the model I have is not strong enough for the Verizon network (this is a total ** statement). My son bought the same \phone from Google and has talked with Google who said Verizon is now refusing to activate phones not purchased directly from Verizon. What a racket since they do not even offer the memory we were able to purchase via Google or Motorola. Motorola won't come out and say that verizon is jerking us around but, they are having to take a new phone back and will not be able to sell it as new. Guess they can eat that profit.

            Yes, the rules need to change but, we all know that will never happen. Just bend over and take it.

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              A Nexus 6 bought from Motorola instead of Verizon IS a non-Verizon device. You didn't get it from Verizon. It's product ID is not Verizon's. So I'm not seeing the issue. If you wanted the out of contract discount you should have gotten one from Verizon.

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                The account is not under contract and never has been. The whole "not a Verizon ID" is total **. Verizon has decided that they will only put SIM cards into phones purchased from them. They do not even offer the Nexus 6 with the memory I want. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with Motorola and was told the phone should work on the Verizon network since it is the same phone they sent to Verizon with the exception of more memory. The antenna is not strong enough for the Verizon network is another crock. Motorola does NOT make phones specific to any one carrier, they all come out of the same plant in China.

                So, sorry mrhandyhelper I am not drinking the Verizon koolaid. Everything they told me was corporate **. Even Google has had lots of phones returned because of the Verizon denial of service. People are going in and insisting on a new SIM for the phone they purchased from Google or Motorola. Verizon has their corporate panties is a twist because their customers are tired of all the bloatware and other coding put onto the Verizon phones. I have had nothing but trouble with my phone since Kitkat was pushed and all due to the coding conflicts put onto the update by Verizon.

                There are no Verizon specific IMEI numbers for Verizon. Nope, Verizon is just being a service provider bully as usual. There are ways around this issue I am finding. My family and I have been doing some research and there may be some ways around this problem. First thing is to go to a Verizon store and talk with a manager and insist on a SIM for the phone or your account walks to another provider who will provide a SIM. The whole system of purchasing a phone from the service provider in order to have service from that one company is ridiculous. Why can we not go to a phone store and select the phone we want then go to the service provider and get a SIM for that system and be done? Oh, that might make sense but, we cannot do that since it might cut into corporate income.

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                  Actually its because people blame carriers for **** they have no control over, and people want subsidizations for things. People relinquish control this way. Look at Europe. Difference of thinking.

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                    This is something Verizon does control, that is the problem. Verizon has chosen to offer the smaller memory Nexus 6 and they are charging $100.00 more that we paid for the 64 G memory phone purchased from Google and Motorola. Motorola has even stated that there is no difference between the phones purchased through them and the phones from Verizon. Verizon chose to provide smaller memory and a much higher price. This was a corporate decision which, has nothing to do with how the phones are made.

                    I am not asking for Verizon to subsidize anything. I just want a phone without all the garbage Verizon puts on the phones which later cause conflicts when you get an update pushed. Plus I want a phone with lollipop OS rather than have to wait and have the update pushed to the phone and have that phone brick just like I have experienced with my droid phone.

                    This is absolutely is something Verizon controls.

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                      Then you got Millions of people who think differently than what you are asking...  Convince them to change their thinking.  YOU ARE THE MINORITY.  That is something YOU have to understand.  People want the carrier to pay for repairs, OS updates, and such.  Look at the Nexus 4, and 5 with T-Mobile.  They had 0 control and on their forums T-Mobile was blamed for EVERYTHING about that device even though they DID NOTHING to the device at all.


                      Also don't compare prices right now...  Motorola/Google did a price drop which has no relation to any carrier pricing.  For all we know the price hasn't dropped DUE to the fact these devices may have been prepaid, and a lesson with the Nexus 5 is that Google gets the devices cheaper than retailers/carriers do, or they subsidize the cost of these devices.

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                        sueho wrote:


                        The account is not under contract and never has been. The whole "not a Verizon ID" is total **. Verizon has decided that they will only put SIM cards into phones purchased from them.

                        If you want to activate this Nexus phone purchased directly from Motorola/Google, you simply have to insert a SIM card which had already been activated in another Verizon phone. Then switch the SIM card to the Nexus device. Many have done so without any problems. This is how you can activate your non-Verizon device.

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                          Sounds easy until you realize that the SIM from the current phone is way too large to fit the SIM slot on the new phone. The Nexus 6 takes a NANO SIM card. My current Droid uses a much larger SIM thus, the issue with getting a new SIM which will fit the phone.


                          I may have finally gotten some assistance from someone at Verizon and the problem might be solved. I took a discussion (read download of what happened and all the lies I was told) but, one person was listening and hopefully the solution will be arriving soon.