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    Silent Mode Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop


      I recently updated to Lollipop 5.0 on my Samsung S5. When in Silent mode, I still want to receive all my normal notifications but without any of the sound. This includes messages, calls, alarms etc. I've read several articles online but I do not have the 'Priorities' option when I change my volume to silent, I only have Mute Vibrate or Sound. Has anyone experienced this or know how to work around it?

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          Of course upgrades should be tested before release...You can get around it by keeping ringer on the lowest setting just one click above vibrate. This is low enough not to be heard and still allows the LED indicator to work. As smart as software writers claim...they are sooooo dumb. Gook luck.

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            I had the same problem, I wanted my alarm to still sound in silent mode.


            I'm not certain that you can do exactly what you want, but try and go to:

            1. Settings

            2. Sound and Notification

            3. Interruptions


            From there you can set which priority interruptions you want. You'll most likely need to tinker around with the options and have someone call or text you to test it. When I set it up to allow only the alarm to sound it puts a Star symbol at the top of the screen.

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              I should have also mentioned that you can't set priorities using the volume key; which based on your original post I would guess that is how you were trying to do it. You can only set them using the above mentioned method.


              At night mine is set up to be in silent mode and make sound for alarm only. Follow the above steps and then select:

              1. Sound Mode (sound)

              2. When calls and notifications arrive (only allow priority interruptions)

              After that you will see the star symbol appear


              Don't select "events and reminders", "phone calls", or "messages" otherwise your phone will sound for them even in silent mode. You will however still receive them, you just won't be notified with sound. 

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                I just updated to Lollipop a couple of days ago.  I am no longer getting the LED indicator for text messages/vm/missed calls, etc.  The light only comes on when it's plugged in charging or charged.  Also checked my settings and everything is checked to allow for these notifications via LED light.  Also, in my messages app, it used to sync to my contacts which is synced to facebook profiles and would show the persons picture next to their conversation set.  Now it's a gray circle with the person's first initial.  I tried clicking sync but pushing it doesn't do anything.  It doesn't even attempt to look like it's syncing to something. 

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                  It sounds like you could benefit from doing a factory reset.

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                    Won't it still ask me to install updates every day until I finally do it and wind up with the same issue?

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                      It will want you to install app updates; the lollipop update will still be there, there is no getting rid of it. Some folks have just said doing a factory reset will help resolve some issues that have raised from the lollipop. I do suggest if you want to do one to save all your pictures/files and make sure your contacts are updated on the cloud or in your e-mail so you don't lose any information. I would also suggest you do it when you also have access to wi-fi so you can re-download all your apps and not use any data.