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      I recently bought a new motorola rival off ebay and im having trouble activating it. I go online to try and it keeps telling me my MEID is wrong. I try calling *228 and it sends me to customer service after i enter all the information. any idea on whats wrong?
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          Is your old phone OFF when you are trying to activate the new one?  If you cannot do it online or OTA, then you will need to call Customer service from a landline or a phone other than the number you are trying to activate on.  And I believe the Rogue requires a data plan so if that is not currently part of your contract plan with Verizon, it has to be added, and they may need you to call CS to do that.



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            it tells me im supposed to use the phone im trying to activate. My other phone that is activated no its not off.
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              Turn OFF the old phone.  Then, using the new phone , try *228 option 3 to transfer the number to the new phone.  Be sure the old phone is OFF.  Once this step is done, you may need to do *228 option 1 to reprogram the new phone as well.


              If these steps don't work, THEN call CS from a different phone number, and see if they can help you.  Either way, the old phone needs to be OFF.



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                i turned the phone off and entered all theinfo and still says your call is being transferred to assist you
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                  OK--then wait for someone to assist you - it may be that you need to activate a data plan on that line.  If this is a secondary line on a family plan, then the primary account holder will need to authorize that.  And if you are the account owner, then they still need to get your authorization to add the data plan.  If there is another issue, then that's why they need to route you through customer service.  In any case, wait for the transfer and find out what the issue is with the activation....it's the only way.

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                    where do you go online to activate a new phone?

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                      Good question.  My activation didn't work apparently.  I can call out but I can not receive calls.