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    Automatic bill pay


      I set up automatic bill pay for myself and my husband--the withdrawal to our bank account was made through our Visa debit card.  When the bank sent us new debit cards this spring, Verizon was unable to withdraw our payments.  Verizon neglected, however, to send us any type of notification.  We didn't realize there was a problem until June when we were 2 months behind in payments.


      We went to our local Verizon store, and my husband was able to get his auto bill pay set back up imediately, this time using our checking account number instead of our debit card number.  I attempted to set up my auto bill pay too, and was advised that everything was fine.  The next month, though, my bill did not get paid.  I called Verizon again, and was AGAIN told that it was set up/registered, and the bill would automatically be paid the next month.  Next month rolled around, and AGAIN, my payment did not come out automatically. 


      Fast forward, and I had been calling Verizon every month for at least 3 months.  Each time, I would request that my auto bill pay get set up with my checking account, and each time I was told by the phone rep. that it had been, and next month would be automatic.  That never happened.


      Today, I went back to my Verizon store.  The employee attempted to fix the problem on line, but was advised that I was inelligible for auto bill pay.  He made some phone calls, and an hour later, we were finally able to determine that way back in the spring when my debit card was switched, I had been un-enrolled from the auto bill pay.  This DID NOT happen to my husband however. 


      I am upset because, one, we were not made aware of any problem for months, when we could have easily fixed it right away--we had the funds, just a miscommunication with the account numbers.  Two, my husband was able to re-enroll in auto bill pay with no problem, but I was not.  Three, I was repeatedly told over the phone that the problem was fixed, and I wouldn't need to worry about it the next month.  Today I learned that there is apparently no way to enroll in auto bill pay over the phone.  Why then did I tell these phone reps my account number and get told that I was enrolled?  Four, why did no one ever bother to tell me that I was inelligible?


      I have made late payments on my account since this past spring simply because Verizon cannot communicate [edit].  I am not happy.

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          I'm going through the EXACT same thing.  REALLY frustrating.  I called to set up auto payment and was tossed from tool-box know-nothing to tool-box know-nothing until I was told it could only be done online.  Fine.  Any link online I click for "auto bill pay" dumps me into the main user screen you see when you first log in.  Try searching for it?  NOTHING COMES UP....?  So to pay my bill, I'm late each month and get reminded by {please keep your posts courteous}from billing that calls each month.



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            yes i also am having lots of little problems since the Verizon takeover


            tried to signup for autopay but was unable to get it to work and i don't really know why


            so paid my Verizon bill online with a creditcard about like i always did with Alltel but Verizon will not allow the customer to select the day the payment will be made so i woundup paying on the 15th for a payment that isn't due until the 29th, when i called Verizon to complain they said that i was the first to ever want to do something like that !


            a few days befor that i called to inquire about a mysterious 59 cent roaming charge on my bill, supposedly someone called me but neither i or Verizon has any idea who it was, it took an hour and a half on the phone with Verizon to get that bogus 59 cent charge removed from the bill, in all the time i was with Alltel i only got a roaming charge once befor and all it took was about a 5 minute call to Alltel to get it romoved from the bill, i sure hope service improves