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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Visual Voicemail Error


      My phone did the latest upgrade this morning at 1am. It told me that the visual voicemail was upgraded and I can use basic for free, but every time that I try to connect it give me this error: Error 500: Error in intercept: null. Can anyone help me with this issue?


      Thank you!

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          I'm not an S5 owner, but I know my G2 was updated with the new Advanced Calling 1.0 software with 2 updates in a weeks time.  It uses HD voice and video chat.  The S5, iPhone 6 and LG G2 are the only ones thus far with that capability.  Now, along with this feature you must add it to your account on My Verizon and Managing Features.  Once the update installs the feature is already enabled, which you can also disable.  Again, I say this due to this feature requiring you to add it to your account which is free, but also takes away basic voice mail and replaces it with basic visual voice mail.  Reference Advanced Calling 1.0 - Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless  Take a look under settings - and Networks.  there should be an option in one of those menus that lists this feature.  Hope this helps somewhat.

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            I was having the same error.  I was previously using an aftermarket app for my visual voicemail.  I decided to switch over to the verizon one because it is now free.  I turned off my call forward.  The reason you are getting the error is because you are not "Subscribed" to basic visual voicemail through verizon.  I just got off the phone with a customer service rep and they subscribed me to it and it let me process everything else on my phone.  No error now.  Good luck.

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              Thank you for your help!

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                If you have any other issues take a look at Adv Calling.  Some of us G2 users have had issues with it since it was the update most newer flagship devices received and includes an auto-switching to visual VM from basic automatically.

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                  I had the same problem...  500 Error


                  Go into your Verizon account and change features.  Remove visual voicemail and replace with basic visual voicemail (free), apply change.  Restart the cell, then go on the cell for voicemail and follow the instructions.  Basic visual voicemail allows 20 messages at 3 mins. each.  They will offer 30 day trial of premium visual voicemail.  After that the visual voicemail will work.