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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Won't Connect to WiFi


      I recently switched from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to an S5 and my fiancee switched from an iPhone 4S to an S5. We've always been able to connect wonderfully to our WiFi from both the S3 and 4S (and still can), but every time we try to connect to the WiFi from our S5's, it'll try for a bit saying "obtaining IP Address" then after about a minute it will pop up with an error message that says "Attention: AP currently not in use. Internet connection slow." And gives the options to "Cancel", "Retry", or "Forget."


      The password is correct (I have retyped it MANY times), the signal strength is strong, and the WiFi works PERFECTLY with my Galaxy S3, her iPhone 4S, and my laptop.


      I thought that maybe it was just something to do with the S5's at first, BUT when my fiance's upgrade date came around, she first chose an HTC One M8 and it would not connect to the WiFi either. She switched to the S5 a few days later.


      Any help on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated as we've been having this problem for some time now only to get answers from people like "you're typing in your password wrong" or "send the phones to Samsung for repairs." I do not believe it's solely the Galaxy S5's fault. There's got to be something else.



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