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    Texting scams?


      I was wondering if anyone knew of any scams involving texting? I met some one online. spoke to her on the phone once and she has texted me multiple times and even sent photos. I did a revese phone # search on a few different sites and the number always came up has a land line. Has any one encountered this?

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          There are a lot of text messaging scams out there.  They are called smishing for short (SMS phishing).  The whole idea of these scams is to get personal information from the person being phished, or smished.  It is the same as the old email phishing scams and the bottom line is identity theft.  I would be very hesitant to give any personal information to anyone you do not know. 




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            her number very well could have been ported in from a landline number and might still show up as a landline. By law all numbers have to be portable as in exchangeable between carriers so people dont have to sacrafice their number when switching. Hope this helps.
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              One going through cell phones in Olympia, WA tonight...


              From:  MsgID3_GNG5633G@v.w


              Message:  O-Bee CU Alert:  Your CARD has been _LOCKED_.  Please contact us at[edit].



              Pretty obvious but figured I'd put it up here if other folks had questions about it.  Number listed is a local unlisted land line and the only people getting it are folks that are on the local verizon cell number block of 360789xxxx.  Everyone I know in that block has recieved the message so far.



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                It appears to be more than that:

                Seems vzw accounts have been hacked as all phone numbers, more than 789s, related to an account have been stolen and the zip code as been xrefed to a town. Our zip xrefs to Tumwater even though we are far away from that town and have no other connection to tumwater or the tumwater-based financial institution used to phish.

                Although the text was suspicious, I am sure there are many people who would call that number, especially if they had an debit/credit card account at that institution, and divulge their account info. It only takes a couple to make the scam worthwhile.

                I was told the FTC has been actively chasing this one. As of this AM, the phone number I was advised to contact has been taken down.