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    Will my iPhone 4 work in Italy?


      I've had conflicting advise about using my phone in Italy.  The "Global" department told me I had to RENT a phone from them because the iPhone 4 will not work in Italy.  Then I had someone tell me to just turn off "Cellular" and I will be able to use the data plan anywhere there is WiFi.  And there's the charging issue - was told I had to buy converter from Apple - someone else said I just need an adapter......!!!!!

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          It's important that we get you the right information so you are prepared when you are in Italy. The iPhone 4 is not a global device, which means you would be unable to use it for voice, texts or cellular data. As you mentioned, our Global department does offer rental devices that you can use while you are travelling. Alternatively, you may put your phone in Airplane mode to turn off signal connection and use the phone as a WiFi only device. In order to charge your phone in Italy, you can purchase an international electric outlet adapter from Apple or from a third party.

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