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    Will Verizon be the last to get the KitKat update?


      Well I really hope and pray the Galaxy S4 KitKat Update comes soon


      I just did an FDR to my S4 as I've seen other Carriers of the S4 are getting the update and I don't want any problems.


      I just hope the S4 isn't going to take as long as the other Flagship phone did (Droid Bionic)


      Please Please I beg you Verizon bring the KitKat update to the Galaxy S4 very soon.


      Well I will ask a "Question" - Are we going to be the last as I keep reading "Verizon Galaxy Lineup will be the last to get KitKat Update"


      Please tell me No - Sorry I'm asking hard, but I waited forever with the Bionic

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